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What is the Universe of Threats?

Using a combination of human creativity and AI storytelling, CAPTRS is building a vast catalog of threat scenarios, each of which describes a real or hypothetical pathogen, as well as cascading sociological, environmental, and geopolitical events. The universe will serve as an engine for global preparedness efforts that will help to ensure that our playbooks, stockpiles and decision makers are equipped to combat the unknown and complex threats of tomorrow.

Universe of Threats – Scenario Writing Contests

This year, CAPTRS will run three Threat Scenario Writing Contests. Our goal is to attract some of the brightest, most creative minds to the challenge of envisioning a wide range of complex, catastrophic threats that are plausible but entirely unprecedented. We will solicit submissions from professional scientists and social scientists, public health professionals and clinicians, writers and journalists, and students of all stripes to help us build out the Universe of Threats. The contest categories include: pathogen threats, critical infrastructure and supplies, and natural disasters. Learn more about the pathogen threat writing contest. Details for the next two writing contests will be posted soon.