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CAPTRS Advisory Roundtable Member Dr. Rick Bright Comments on Dr. Fauci Hearing

Dr. Rick Bright, former Head of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) visits with CNN about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s House Hearing.

Phil Siegel Comments on Controversial Apple Ad

CAPTRS Co-Founder Phil Siegel visits with CNN about Apple’s new iPad Pro ad, which sparked debate over what it appears to represent, and how technology is reshaping our world. “These companies are excited about what they built and how the technology is going to push progress forward and make our lives easier and better, but they have to understand the reticense and fear that some of these tools put in people’s minds. They have to be much more aware of that.”

Opinion Piece: AI Needs Regulation. Here’s Where Congress Should Start

CAPTRS Co-Founder Phil Siegel on how the U.S. could start regulating AI. “Given the potency and proliferation of this technology, we need a nationwide regulatory framework governing artificial intelligence. In order to post some quick wins that don’t require billions of dollars in investment, we should focus on areas where we already have experience in regulation or enjoy established legal practice.”

Dr. Francesca de Rosa Discusses Training for the Next Crisis with Serious Games

To deal with natural disasters, pandemics and geopolitical conflict, an unconventional genre of gaming helps first responders and government officials get the preparation they need in a “safe to fail” environment.

Dr. Lauren Meyers on Creating Models for How H5N1 Could Spread

Meyers and her team are modeling what the spread from agriculture to humans might look like. It’s a complicated model, because like humans, wild birds migrate and cattle move around the country.

Advisory Roundtable Member Rick Bright Discusses the H5N1 Outbreak

“There’s a fine line between one person and 10 people with H5N1. By the time we’ve detected 10, it’s probably too late to contain.” Dr. Bright believes that the government should be using every sophisticated surveillance technique, including wastewater testing, and reporting the results publicly.

Dr. Lauren Meyers on Good Day Austin Discussing CAPTRS

Dr. Meyers discusses lessons learned from COVID and what we might face in the future, as well as CAPTRS mission to help prepare for future threats.

Phil Siegel on Live with Jay Oliver Sharing CAPTRS and ISR Partnership

CAPTRS is working with the International Science Reserve to encourage scientists to play an online pathogen threat game created by CAPTRS.

Phil Siegel on J.P.Morgan’s new cash flow AI tool

It’s an interesting application, which also raises questions. “All models like this can both make a worker more productive but also require a human to check the work.”

Announcement of New Game and Partnership with the New York Academy of Sciences International Science Reserve

A Texas-based nonprofit aims to improve pathogen-based disaster planning through digital play. “It’s thrilling to imagine that we’re going to have scientists from around the world who are going to be able to play this.”

Phil Siegel discusses the future of AI Regulation with

“The choice before us is stark: maintain the open-door policy of AI technology, accessible to all, with the inherent risks that entails, or pivot towards a more regulated approach.”

Dr. Meyers on the Rise in Flu and COVID Cases This Season

CAPTRS Co-founder Dr. Lauren Meyers was quoted in a recent article by Fortune WELL about rising cases.

Dr. Meyers Profiled in Texas Monthly for Gaming the Next Pandemic

CAPTRS Co-founder Dr. Lauren Meyers was profiled for her work and the work of CAPTRS.

CAPTRS Advisory Roundtable member Dario Gil Discusses quantum computing on 60 Minutes

Dr. Dario Gil, Director of IBM Research, discusses the capabilities of quantum computer and advances in technology being developed.

Discussion on Whether Government Needs to Implement Guardrails and Regulation for AI

CAPTRS co-founder Phil Siegel joins Fox News Live to discuss growing U.S. public concerns over artificial intelligence in daily life.

CAPTRS Announces First-of-its-Kind Partnership with The Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University

Through equipping decisionmakers with AI enhanced outbreak models, the partnership seeks to improve regional and global responses to health crises. The Institute for Experiential AI will develop generative models which depict how communicable diseases could spread from epidemic to pandemic. Through using “large language” AI models, capable of generating outbreak alerts and assigning risk scores to grade progression, real-time models depict how decisions made by health and hospital officials could stem the spread of an outbreak.

Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers Discusses New COVID-19 Study with NPR

Economically disadvantaged neighborhoods on Austin’s East Side experienced significantly higher infection rates of COVID-19, according to a new study from experts at UT Austin. CAPTRS co-founder Lauren Ancel Meyers, who serves as Director of UT’s Center for Pandemic Decision Science authored the study.

Phil Siegel on MSNBC – The Power and Threat of AI

CAPTRS co-founder Phil Siegel talks with MSNBC’s Katie Phang about the unique opportunities and threats presented by AI.

Austin Public Health and Hospital Officials Prepare for Future Pandemics, Disasters

Austin’s CBS affiliate covers the CAPTRS preparedness exercise for city and health officials led in Austin on May 15.

Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers on 14 Lessons for the Next Pandemic

CAPTRS Co-founder Lauren Ancel Meyers talks about one of CAPTRS’ core missions in this New York Times piece, weighing in on preparing for what we can’t imagine.

Phil Siegel on Live with Jay Oliver – The Future of AI

CAPTRS Co-founder Phil Siegel discusses why CAPTRS exists, and how we are creating a new standard for preparedness in the face of threats during this live interview with Jay Oliver at LI News.

Phil Siegel on The Arthur Aidala Power Hour – AI and CAPTRS Discussion

CAPTRS Co-founder Phil Siegel discusses why CAPTRS exists, and the future of AI with Arthur Aidala.

Could AI and Chat GPT Hurt Americans Financially? Phil Siegel Discusses Using AI for Good

CAPTRS Co-founder Phil Siegel discusses how CAPTRS is using AI for good in this article.

Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers on China Covid Death Estimates – New York Times

CAPTRS Co-founder Lauren Ancel Meyers on data from China related to Covid deaths.

Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers on Potential Covid Variants in China – NPR

CAPTRS Co-founder Lauren Ancel Meyers is quoted in this article about China reopening, discussing potential for variants and immunity.

Phil Siegel Discusses AI Hallucinations for Good

AI “hallucinations,” experts debate whether this tool will be the cause of threats to humanity or a tool to protect against threats. CAPTRS founder, Phil Siegel argues that AI can be harnessed and used to our advantage.

Estimates on Deaths in China – Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers on the Zero-Covid Policy

Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers is quoted in this article from The New York Times about the death toll in China since China ended their “zero Covid” policy.

Co-founder Phil Siegel Comments on the EU AI Act

Phil Siegel is quoted in this article from The Korea Times about the EU AI Act and goals of regulation on AI.

Co-founder Phil Siegel on Using ChatGPT prompts to improve a resume

Phil Siegel is quoted in this article about how to improve your resume using ChatGPT.