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CAPTRS is collaborating with Dame Sally Davies, UK Special Envoy on AMR, and Dr. Rick Bright, former head of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), to create an impactful game addressing the complex issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

AMR is a complex global challenge that demands a collaborative, transdisciplinary approach leveraging collective expertise. Despite the vast expert knowledge available, it remains siloed, hindering our ability to make shared, informed decisions on how to effectively control this issue. Our AMR game approach builds a model based on multiple gameplay runs over several years, focusing on knowledge blending to break down these silos. The game aims to acquire and integrate multidisciplinary, distributed knowledge to support policymaking at all levels and induce behavioral change. The model players contribute to when playing will ultimately lead to an overarching, cohesive AMR model, revealing the interconnectedness of various factors contributing to this critical issue. The game will also broaden players’ understanding of the AMR complex system.

Features of the CAPTRS AMR game include:

  • Multiple game modes – allowing for play in-person, distributed, or fully digital play.
  • Modular – customizable based on objectives, players expertise, and constraints.
  • Iterative – building upon itself over time as more players add their knowledge.
  • Transdisciplinary – created based on knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation techniques, and foresight structured analytical techniques.

CAPTRS is developing a Coalition in support of this work. The Coalition will allow for CAPTRS, a nonprofit organization, to have the funding needed in this development and testing phase, while also creating valuable partnerships and collaboration. Thank you to our initial coalition members!

Please contact our team if you are interested in learning more or joining the Coalition in support of this work.