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CAPTRS Conducts Exercise for the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence

By February 27, 2024March 1st, 2024No Comments

Photo credit: John Fass

CAPTRS was thrilled to have the opportunity to lead a full-day exercise showcasing two of our games for team members of the World Health Organization at their Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence in Berlin, Germany in February. CAPTRS Chief Scientist for Gaming Francesca de Rosa led more than a dozen team members from across departments through the CAPTRS Pathogen Situational Awareness (PSA) Game and the Reliability Game. 

Photo credit: John Fass

CAPTRS’ simulation games are more than table-top exercises. They are based on the integration of multi-disciplinary science, designed to improve decision-making. The Reliability Game is an analytical game designed to experiment with the impact of data coming from multiple source factors on Situational Assessment and related Situational Awareness. The game captures belief changes regarding the current situation using cards that the player has to allocate on a game board. Participants in the PSA game must navigate through an unforeseen pathogen threat faced by neighboring countries, determining based on pieces of information what actions they will take as a decision-maker for their country.

Photo credit: John Fass

“Game-based exercises offer participants the opportunity to think about how they make decisions,” said CAPTRS co-founder Phil Siegel. “As they analyze new pieces of information, they track how their situational assessment changes, and discuss those assessments as a team. Doing this in a fail-safe environment allows for team members to understand one another’s decision-making process and creates stronger and more prepared teams. We look forward to leading more exercises like this for other preparedness, resilience and response organizations in the future.”

Thank you to the World Health Organization for allowing us to lead this exercise for them. It was a great day!