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CAPTRS Awards HurricaneLog Game Top Prize for Serious Games Competition

By January 10, 2024January 23rd, 2024No Comments

To support broader innovation in simulation games, CAPTRS sponsors a prize for the Serious Games Competition at the annual Games and Learning Alliance (GALA) Conference, which was held in Dublin, Ireland in December. Out of 33 submissions, the winning game was HurricaneLog, developed by Thiago Correia Pereira from Polytechnique Montreal.

HurricaneLog is a hands-on game designed for disaster preparedness and humanitarian logistics. The game focuses on critical thinking, decision-making under constraints and complexity of resource allocations during a crisis. Aimed at students, professionals, and anyone interested in disaster response, HurricaneLog provides an engaging platform to simulate real-world challenges in a safe environment. Whether used in educational institutions, training programs, or by individuals looking to develop practical skills, HurricaneLog offers an innovative way to learn about disaster response dynamics and coordination strategies.

“HurricaneLog nicely guides the player through key decision points that characterizes different phases of crisis management,” said Francesca de Rosa, CAPTRS Chief Scientist for Gaming. “This serious game is able to distillate and simulate in a simple way, some of the complex processes that characterize climate related emergencies.”

CAPTRS Chief Scientist for Gaming, Dr. Francesca de Rosa, was part of the organizing committee for the conference. Dr. de Rosa also presented a paper – “The C3C Game: Serious Games and Community-Centered Design for Improved Pandemic Decision Making” (Authors: Francesca de Rosa, Mark Escott, Douglas Havron, Desmar Walkes, and Lauren Ancel Meyers) – which has been published on Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science.