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Francesca de Rosa

Before joining CAPTRS, Francesca de Rosa has been with the NATO STO – Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation for 12 years. At the center she served as scientist in the Maritime Security and Data Knowledge and Operational Effectiveness programs. Her main research areas include simulation games, wargames, cognitive systems, knowledge engineering and human-system interaction, with a special focus on surveillance and situational awareness. She is part of the board of the Serious Game Society and in 2021 she chaired the international Game & Learning Alliance conference. She has been involved in several NATO wargames related activities, including design and deployment of wargames and digital game platforms. She is assisting in the creation of national wargaming capabilities as part of the NATO Wargaming Initiative and supports the advancements of the discipline.

Francesca is an adjunct professor in Computer Games and Simulations at the University of Genoa, Italy and holds a BA in Civil and Environmental Engineering, a Master Degree in Water and Soil Management Engineering and a Ph.D. in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, with a curriculum in Interactive Cognitive Environments.